I’m learning how to use Flash, slowly but I’m not complaining, so I used that previous sketch to make vector version. I should probably keep the outlines, but I really like this look when the outlines are minimally used.

Ponytails look cool.

Trying to draw more posed characters, which is getting better, even though I overuse the same poses in my head. 

A somewhat quick sketch. I like the one on the left more, maybe because it looks like a better head proportion or something about the face. I don’t have time to really color right now, so there’s just some color splashed on it. I used a pinterest photo for reference. 

I haven’t drawn this oc in a while.. Here’s a quick doodle with yucky vomit some sort of random colors thrown in as place holders. I’m figuring out some more on this story, and recently did some brainstorming for the other main character, so I’m kinda happy :) it’s the little things

I’m going to try to “color” this better (and clean it up a bit).

Another speed paint thing for “backpacking on an alien planet.” 

I tried doing a speed painting thing for “gothic vampire hunter” (around 30-ish min). I don’t know what goth is. :P

I was trying to incorporate a sort of plague doctor thing into this, I really relied on lines being somewhat clean, which is probably not what the point of speed painting is. iono.

Here’s a crying girl in the rain.

Well, I guess the dress kind of turned out okay..

Fanart! Finally finished an ancient wip that was lying on my desktop :)

I really like Tokyo Ghoul, but I’m so afraid that Studio Pierrot is gonna ruin the adaptation, because they are just breezing by the chapters per episode, like how fast Korra episodes are being spat out. I wish they could have taken their time, especially when Kaneki talks about books and stuff, but oh well.

I can’t think of poses on my own >< (which is why I stopped short for one of the sketches, and the other is almost a copycat of an existing piece.. sigh).