Random awful fanart.

Doing environment value studies for my group project, and this one is starting to look kinda nice. Of course, the light logic is probably not making any sense, but whatever! I’ll deal with it later!

Inktober Day 2 (unofficial one).

I was soo busy today with class, so I only had time to do this one for sketch_dailies on twitter. I’ll get another one done asap.

brush pen doodle with some gouache/wc and copic

A simple character design for class. I feel really bad that I started it in class and then finished it to turn in at the end. Gotta work on time management, a constant struggle. The prompt was an EMU astronaut who got stranded on a planet with a climate similar to Alaska. I originally had a guy planned out, but I like to draw girls so nyeh the prompt had me think too much about what sort of changes he might have, so I scrapped it and went with this simpler one. 

A more finished version of a wip I had at the beginning of summer. Gotta tweak some things before I try to color it. I really gotta rethink how the burglar’s arm is gonna look while carrying the girl, which was a last minute change (from accomplice to hostage-sort of?)

I’m learning how to use Flash, slowly but I’m not complaining, so I used that previous sketch to make vector version. I should probably keep the outlines, but I really like this look when the outlines are minimally used.

Ponytails look cool.

Trying to draw more posed characters, which is getting better, even though I overuse the same poses in my head. 

A somewhat quick sketch. I like the one on the left more, maybe because it looks like a better head proportion or something about the face. I don’t have time to really color right now, so there’s just some color splashed on it. I used a pinterest photo for reference. 

I haven’t drawn this oc in a while.. Here’s a quick doodle with yucky vomit some sort of random colors thrown in as place holders. I’m figuring out some more on this story, and recently did some brainstorming for the other main character, so I’m kinda happy :) it’s the little things

I’m going to try to “color” this better (and clean it up a bit).