I should organize my time better. let’s see how fast I can churn out some pirate drawings…

I want to stay up and watch a livestream, and draw more, and finish coloring this one random gift art, but I shouldn’t because I have to get up in <5 hours. Good night for now!

I forgot I had this on my laptop! This was my wip (I sort of finished it, but it has a lot of errors) for perspective using a ruler and t-square and SO much paper ><.. Those vanishing points are too dang close

The idea was sort of based on this picture:


Decided to sort of draw this out. This is basically what my story is supposed to center around. Two kids who meet in the woods to hangout, and then dealing with their problems and that of other people together. I’m having the hardest time designing the boy character.

I keep drawing girls, ahhh D:

Ahh, sorry it’s late! Happy birthday Diana! You are talented and funny, and you inspired me to keep drawing, so I’m very grateful.  I hope you make more progress on that comic :)

Finally finished this! I really like this anime.

a wip of my governess character.

Here’s that other hallway idea, but distorted. This has made me feel more excited to try finishing it. I’ll reupload it another time with the paintings fully done, I’m done with 2.5/5.

trying to decide what kind of brush to use for something I’m working on, either a grainy one or the round brush.