Fanart! Finally finished an ancient wip that was lying on my desktop :)

I really like Tokyo Ghoul, but I’m so afraid that Studio Pierrot is gonna ruin the adaptation, because they are just breezing by the chapters per episode, like how fast Korra episodes are being spat out. I wish they could have taken their time, especially when Kaneki talks about books and stuff, but oh well.

I can’t think of poses on my own >< (which is why I stopped short for one of the sketches, and the other is almost a copycat of an existing piece.. sigh).

random sketchdump when I should be doing work… I might try to color some of these later

Trying out a different coloring method.

Here are some colour drawings I cleaned up of that one scientist character, along with the pencil doodle I started with. I have some other characters too for this pseudo-story, but I need to clean them up.. plus I need to clean up the facial expressions for this one.

doodling in my toned grey sketchbook

I finally figured out how to use my scanner, so I should start uploading more things in the summer, hopefully?

Here are some silly silhouette-ish turnarounds I’ve been working on for my victorian/edwardian little girl story (without a dress or nightgown to cover most of her). I’m having a hard time designing a cambion boy who happens to live in the woods. Boys are so challenging for me..

some facial espressions that are most likely going to be obsolete because I don’t know if this is the style I’m going for, for this one thing I’m working on

drawing scribbling stoopid faces to warm up using the tablet.

trying to do a character lineup. this is just a starting point; the final versions will be completely different, because I’m going to try playing around with different styles. I’ll be working on this most of the night and have a cleaned up version tomorrow.